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Specialist Lawyers

If you have been treated unfairly at work in Sheffield, which may involve dismissal, bullying, discrimination or harassment, consulting a specialist employment solicitor might be advisable. Employment solicitors are lawyers who specialise in representing clients involved in disputes at work. Obtaining compensation in this arena of law requires a high degree of skill and expertise, making it important that if you have a claim involving these issues, you find a competent solicitor with experience in this field of law.

Areas of Law

Employment solicitors in Sheffield practice in three main areas:-

  1. Employment solicitors in Sheffield handle cases involving dismissal. This may extend to unfair dismissal, where an employee has been fired from the job without valid reason. Employers should provide a clear reason for dismissal and have evidence to back such a claim up; otherwise a claim for unfair dismissal may succeed. Or it may involve constructive dismissal, where an employee has left the firm due to conduct of the employer which breaches the employment contract. Or it can be an alleged redundancy which may or may not be a genuine reason for dismissal.
  2. Employment solicitors in Sheffield handle cases of harassment and discrimination at work. In the past, harassment at work might have been construed as harmless teasing, but in more recent times the true effect of harassment has become more evident. Shouting at employees and being unfairly critical are more obvious ways in which one worker may harass another, but more subtle ways are worth consideration too. Systematically overloading employees with work, blocking them for promotion, spreading rumours about an employee among other workers, even excluding them from activities or ignoring them are ways in which employers or colleagues may harass employees. At its worst, harassment may take the form of discrimination on the grounds of age, race, gender, sexuality, or disability. An employment solicitor may be able to help you with all of these problems.
  3. Employment solicitors in Sheffield can provide you with detailed advice on particular aspects of the law. If you want to clarify and understand your rights in respect to wages, equal opportunities, working time regulations, maternity leave or on the rights you have when the firm you work for is transferred to other owners (Transfer of Undertakings Regulations), then talking to a specialist lawyer is likely to help. You may be looking for employment and be keen to understand the conditions under which your proposed new employers are required to employ you. You may be in employment and concerned that your employer is breaching regulations. Or, you may be an employer who wants to ensure that you are acting in compliance with the law.

Employment Solicitors

The sheer volume and complexity of employment law makes it important that if you are involved in a dispute at work, you should consult a specialist lawyer who can advise you, or provide you with representation at The Sheffield Employment Tribunal if necessary. If you would like free advice without further obligation from one of our panel solicitors just call the helpline, email or complete the contact form. All employment cases are dealt with using the no win no fee scheme and that means that the lawyer does not get paid until you get paid.




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